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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Perfect World 3rd Expansion Rising Tide New Mounts Debut

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Today, 's the (Tale of Mermaid in China) has unveiled the newest aircrafts for Humans, Winged Elves and Untamed the distance end to end of by means of a make new rise for the primary time. Shortly, players are leaving to get together and try persons aircrafts and mounts in the Global Trial server of Rising Tide.


Humans' Aircraft - Frost Blade

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Though it is in the shape of a sword, by means of a sharp edge, Frost Blade earth to contain senior pace in appearance. By by,by means of it, players determination twist out to be additional dependent on flying on a sword.

Winged Elves'Aircraft-Black Wings

Black Wings subvert Winged Elves' nature of captivating pleasure in serving route and show a type of rebellious trend. Furthermore, the dark color decks out the Winged Elves' halo by means of a trace of evil.

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