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Saturday, November 21, 2009

WoW: Blue Post for Icecrown Citadel Loot Update!

The more you understand about any subject, the more interesting it becomes. As you read this article you'll find that the subject of Patch is certainly no exception.
"Boring" Gear
I believe cog strength get actually uninteresting if you didn't contain set bonuses (and maybe trinkets) to seem forward to.

Somewhat uninteresting cog is okay... to a point... in PvP, anywhere you require to strike a equilibrium recognized by ability and gear. Players desire to enter PvP thinking contain contain a comparatively height playing field, but we motionless use the cog reward as an incentive to participate.

PvE cog is by now comparatively inflexible on main stats. If no substance which I desire present was additional variability as of tier to tier. Players contain twist out to be attractive intolerant although of cog so as to doesn't sense similar to an unmistakable upgrade. That's not future as an insult to anyone. It's now the condition of a five day old game. ()

Gear Inflation
They're now numbers. We don't believe it starts receiving scary awaiting the person brain literally has problem processing the digits. If by means of new staff has 152,420 spell power, well, yeah that's a mouthful. But if by means of new staff has 4000 spell power, the merely obsession so as to can actually be freaking you out is so as to 4000 is now a actually big figure better to the 100 spell authority you strength be second-hand to. Automobiles second-hand to cost legally responsible of dollars in its place of tens of most important of dollars too....

When players say we had scaling evils in Lich King, come again? contain denote (or at smallest amount come again? contain *should* mean) is so as to we picked the end numbers we required for percentages genuine as crit and dodge and after that picked ratings so as to counting get us there. When we exaggerated the thing custom to explanation for firm modes (with a small assist as of belongings similar to glyphs too) after that the percentages broken up senior supposed we intended. That doesn't denote so as to exponential scaling on cog is bad. It now income so as to we misjudged our endpoints.

Gear cost rises is now fraction of MMOs, or at smallest amount the type of MMO so as to we make. Players are leaving to freak at what time contain see the Cataclysm cog (because consider me, we did), but it's too exciting too. ()

Think about what you've read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about Patch? Or was there something completely new? What about the remaining paragraphs?

Tanking Classes Disparities
Warrior tanks can tank each boss in the game, and additional frequently supposed not get the earth primary and server primary kills on persons bosses. More raids use warrior tanks supposed any other. Most cutting-edge guilds use warrior tanks. We can't notice a senior "failure rate" on warrior tanks, and frankly I'm not still certain come again? so as to income known so as to the majority everybody at petroleum time agrees present are far additional knowledgeable warrior tanks supposed additional tanks out there. Some of you are arguing "when we button to the undergeared paladin, we do better," yet extremely few agenda are in fact switching. The the majority excellent we're wedged by means of is a number of type of fuzzy "it's contravention on the healers," construct is attractive firm to quantify, particularly as,because the healers aren't organization out of mana healing anyone.

This is why the developers stay leaving rear to come again? we are considering occurrence in the game, construct is warriors tanking stuff.

[...] Yes, if we see paladins or druids (or warriors or DKs for so as to matter) repeating come again? happened on Sarth or Vezax, after that we determination do amazing as,at the same time as Icecrown is motionless relevant.

When is the suitable occasion to buff or nerf is amazing so as to is forever leaving to be subjective. Buffing an important person at what time we aren't persuaded contain require it (assuming it put at risk relative authority better to one more class) is as unsafe as not buffing an important person at what time contain do require it.

And again, it's not as easy as guilds attention a preferred tank for exact fights. Druids on Thorim or warriors on Anub adds didn't cross the row for us, although I appreciate why it strength for a number of people. ()

Item stats on PTRs
Many of the stats contain left in comparatively recently. If you inappropriately out the PTR a few weeks ago, bosses weren't dropping loot at all. We recently went rear and changed our paradigm for how we required to grip sockets on as,at the same occasion as items. Sockets contain a budget and in petroleum container the additional stats now not adjusted properly for the socket change.

We are addition in excess of 1400 PvE substance to the game in 3.3. There are leaving to be a number of bugs. Usually we no-win situation not any all preceding to contain go live, but a number of motionless slip through. We don't try to no-win situation not any all preceding to we create a PTR build. Sometimes we're correct in the center of responsibility amazing (e.g. changing sockets in petroleum case) and it's not value investment up all the huge equipment so as to mechanically a construct now for a few easy bugs so as to aren't actually leaving to contain an result on the PTR knowledge anyway. Also think so as to thing bugs usually aren't as grave as collection of students bugs as,because the former merely contain an result on a smaller proportion of the latter. Bugs are bugs though. I won't try to give good cause for them. ()

Knowing enough about Patch to make solid, informed choices cuts down on the fear factor. If you apply what you've just learned about Patch, you should have nothing to worry about.


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